Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will there be special launch Offers?
Yes, please reach out to for details

Where can I test drive a GM vehicle?
After the launch phase, all AECSV dealers will have GM vehicles ready for test drives. Please contact for further information.

Where across Europe will I be able to have my GM vehicle serviced?
With the AECSV launch, there will be a pan-European service network to ensure that all customers of these exclusive brands can be serviced within a reasonable distance. End customers can have their cars serviced at any official GM heritage service partner as well.

Where can I buy GM Parts & Accessories and see what is available?
Parts and accessories are available at all official AECSV dealers. They always have access to AEC Group’s central European warehouse for a fast delivery.

Where can I purchase officially licensed GM merchandise?
At the moment, the only place to officially purchase GM merchandise is However, AECSV is working to launch a specific web platform to get exclusive AECSV GM merchandise, soon.

I am interested in becoming an AECSV Dealer. Who can I speak to?
Great! Please get in touch with our team at

I would like to become an AECSV partner. Who can I contact?
Happy to hear! Please contact our team at

Do you have any open jobs at AECSV that I can check out?
Yes! Please check out the AEC Solutions site for all open jobs within AEC Group.

Who do I contact in case of an issue with my GM car?
End customers will get support via their official dealership or any other official GM dealership.

Will AECSV’s GM cars be offered with LPG and/or E85 Bioethanol?
The AECSV team is working on an LPG solution for GM cars, with tentative readiness for sale in September. Currently, most of the GM vehicles with 6.2L engine, however, are available to be sold with E85 in countries that require this service, e.g. Sweden.

Will AECSV leverage any of GM’s new EV range?
There are no such plans currently and for now we are very excited about introducing AECSV and its great GM offering to the market in Europe.

Any such future plans though?
We of course examine all great opportunities on a regular basis, evaluating both the engineering and business aspects of any potential new brand and model. Starting this month with the Silverado, Suburban, Tahoe, Sierra, Escalade and XT6, more models will be added to the portfolio later this year.

IS AECSV part of AEC Group?
Yes, AECSV is a subsidiary of AEC Group, a group of several privately held companies specialized in the development of customized automotive solutions.

Where is AECSV based?
AECSV is based in St. Catharines, Canada, right across the border from Detroit, U.S.A., and has several offices across Europe.